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Sevel offers Telme products only to the Turkish market.


Ice Cream Cake Gastronomy...


Ice Cream Sorbet Slush...


Ice Cream Sorbet Slush...


Ice Cream Sorbet Slush...


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Telme has been producing professional ice cream, pastry and gastronomy machines since 1987. The Italian company, which is known all over the world, exports its products to more than 80 countries. With the philosophy of reducing energy consumption, protecting nature and health, Telme has become a sought-after brand all over the world with its expert staff.


Customer Service and Service

Being the only distributor in Turkey, SEVEL brings Telme’s high quality products together with its customers in Turkey and provides service to all of Turkey. It has become a reliable brand with its pre-sales and after-sales customer services.

Our services

We have service to whole Turkey;




Program Installation

Spare part


It is the feature of adjusting the rotation speed of the blades and changing the direction of rotation. In this way, ice cream can be produced in the desired consistency and density, as in L40 machines. With the Full INVERTER system features that Telme uses, it allows you to produce your ice cream in the desired consistency by turning it slowly in the opposite direction, as in classical machines.

***This feature is the most important feature for Turkish style ice cream production.

Since the Inverter system in all other machines, except for the curdling machines, operates by rotating only in one direction, the desired consistency cannot be achieved in the ice cream. In addition to the adjustment of the rotation speed in the blades, at the same time, thanks to the high-speed driving force in the compressor, even the hardest ice creams continue to be produced and unloaded without jamming. . Since it does not freeze and jam, it does not waste time during production!

While removing the ice creams, the blade speed can be slowed down by taking advantage of the INVERTER feature, and the necessary decoration work and feeding product additions can be made easily.

Touch Touchpad Display
The touch screen, which makes it easy to use, enables a special program to be created for each ice cream separately, thanks to the Turkish language option. In this way, each ice cream will work as set in its own program and will produce ice cream in the desired consistency.
Vertical Boiler Privilege
Top filling is very easy in the vertical boiler technology that Telme uses in the continuation of its horizontal boiler machines. While pouring the dense ice cream mixture into the cauldron, filling from the top will give you comfort, as well as adding nuts, croquettes, etc. to the ice cream. It allows you to add additional products directly by lifting the lid.

Dual Compressor Feature
*It is the only machine that offers concrete solutions for Energy Saving. With the optional double compressor feature, 40% less energy and time savings are provided. Thanks to its dual parallel cooling system, it allows you to consume less water and electricity.

This problem can be completely eliminated by activating the SECOND COMPRESSOR in order to prevent the loss of degree that may occur during the exit process of the ice cream and the resulting melting. Compressor selection can be activated at any time during programming as well as manually deactivated during operation.

While the double compressor reduces the production time to a very short time, it prevents the taste change by preventing your ice cream from losing volume during its output.


Ice Cream Pastry Gastronomy

Multifunctional Kitchen Chef

A kitchen Chef beyond your dreams… Discover the miracle of RIBOT…

Get all your products ready between +115 and -20 degrees…

Products: Ice Cream – Cake – Gastronomy

  • Ice cream production up to -20 degrees
  • Ice cream mix – mixing, homogenization and pasteurization,
  • Pastry cream making,
  • Making all milk desserts,
  • Making chocolate sauce for Supangle and Profiterole,
  • Making Tulumba dough and eclairs,
  • Chocolate tempering,
  • Cooking soup,
  • Making bechamel sauce and all other gourmet sauces,
  • Sherbet, marmalade and jam making,
  • Chop, whisk, boil, knead,
  • Make your pastes and purees with pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts,
  • Make your own whipped cream.
Ribot T 1010 kg49x60x110 cm Air / Water14 kw/380 volt
Ribot T 18 18 kg 51 x70x115 cm Air / Water18 kw/380 volt 
Ribot T 3030 kg 55 x78x120 cm Water19 kw/380 volt 
Ribot T 6060 kg 62x85x125 cm Water24 kw/380 volt 



Ice Cream Sherbet Slush

Automatic Inverter Ice Cream Maker

Top Level

With the “Inverter System” that gives life to ice cream again, you can produce ice cream with the consistency you want, but in 50% less time and savings, as in the L16 – L30 – L40 classic machines…

Products: Ice Cream – Sherbet – Slush

  • The inverter system ensures that the knives that make the ice cream turn left and right at the desired speed. For this reason, ice cream can be produced with the desired hardness and consistency, in the right homogenization.
  • Resistive 5 inch color touch screen with Turkish language support.
  • Thanks to its transparent covers, perfect visibility, adding materials at every stage of production and monitoring the status of the product at any time.
  • Double parallel cooling system (provides significant savings in water and energy consumption).
  • The perfect mix of fresh fruit pieces, dried fruits and chocolate and your ice cream.
  • With the runtime recording system, users can monitor all the components of the machine based on usage.
  • With the feature of adding unlimited programs, you can create your own special ice cream program. (plain, chocolate, lemon, strawberry)
 Conversion CapacityDimensionsEnergyHourly Production (max. lt)
Ecogel T 30-904 – 13 kg51x70x115 cm8,5 kw/380 volt90 lt
Ecogel T 40-1206 – 20 kg60x78x125 cm12 kw/380 volt120 lt
Ecogel T 50-1609 – 25 kg60x78x125 cm13 kw/380 volt160 lt
Ecogel T 60-20016 – 34 kg60x78x125 cm5 kw/380 volt200 lt


Ice Cream Sherbet Slush​

Extragel Ice Cream Maker with Automatic Inverter

Yayat Conversion Boiler

Horizontal boiler design and inverter system together… Bring your gelato experience together with classic ice cream thanks to the inverter system..

Products: Ice Cream – Sherbet – Slush

  • Resistive 5-inch color Touchscreen (can also be used with gloves), intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Inverter to change the speed of the beater motor
  • 14 preset programs and an array of adjustable programs.
  • Maximum customization possibilities
  • All programs provide an optimal emulsion with micrometric diameter of fat globules.
              Extragel T 50-70Extragel T 70-100
Conversion Capacity4 – 11 kg5 – 16 kg
Dimensions51 x75x152 cm51 x 75 x 152 cm
Energy6,7 kw / 380 volt7,5 kw / 380 volt
Hourly Production (max. lt)70 lt100 lt



Ice Cream Sherbet Slush

Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Professional Series

It turns the ice cream mixture you prepared up to -12 degrees and makes it ready in a short time.

Products: Ice Cream – Sherbet – Slush

  • Thanks to its transparent covers, perfect visibility, adding materials at every stage of production, monitoring the status of the product at any time.
  • Double parallel cooling system (provides significant savings in water and energy consumption).
  • The perfect mix of fresh fruit pieces, dried fruits and chocolate and your ice cream.
  • The ability to extract ice creams in two separate programs with degrees and minutes.
                      Pratica 35-50Pratica 42-60Pratica 54-84
Conversion Capacity4 – 6 kg4 – 9 kg8 – 13 kg
Dimensions49x70x112 cm49 x 90 x 112 cm 49 x 70 x 115 cm
Energy3,5 kw / 380 volt7,0 kw / 380 volt7,5 kw / 380 volt
Hourly Production (max. lt)  50 lt60 lt84 lt



Cream Cooking Holding Cooling


Turn your cream into whipped cream instantly.

  • Removable container that is indirectly cooled.
  • Equipped with a rotary pump, it turns light and heavy creams into any desired type of whipped cream.
  • The pump pushes the liquid cream and air and turns it into whipped cream.
  • The removable container makes it easy to wash and sterilize with the best possible hygiene thanks to the bowl. It is easy to clean, the pumps are rinsed daily without the need for disassembly.
  • Both liquid and whipped cream are suitably cooled during the entire process in the machine.
 Conversion CapacityDimensionsEnergyHourly Production (max. lt)
Prima 22lt25x41x40 cm0,3 kw/220 volt100 lt
Prima 55lt28x44x40 cm0,4 kw/220 volt100 lt


Cream Cooking Holding Cooling


Production of dairy desserts together with the production of pastry cream, cooking-holding-cooling.

  • Cream cookers are mainly used in confectionery to prepare creams (pastry cream, English cream, butter cream, etc.), ganache, Zabaglione, fruit puree, yogurt, Choux paste. In the preparation of ice cream mix.
  • Automate and speed up all manual processes, thus reducing time and labor while guaranteeing optimum hygienic conditions.
  • Energy saving thanks to the inverter system.
  • Thanks to its special mixing system, it ensures that all products are mixed homogeneously.
 Conversion CapacityDimensions


Hourly Production  (max. lt)
Termocrema 3015 – 30 kg55x65x115 cm4,5 kw/380 volt30 lt
Termocrema 6030 – 60 kg55x65x120 cm9 kw/380 volt60 lt
Termocrema 15050 – 150 kg78x98x120 cm20 kw/380 volt150 lt




ECOMIX (105 degree)

Boiling at high temperature up to 180 lt, resting and keeping for 72 hours at +4 degrees for the production of sahlep ice cream.

  • Being able to turn the mixture at the desired speed with the inverter system

  • Series pasteurizers with capacities from 60 liters to 180 liters.

  • Easy programmable adjustment system for easy product filling and unloading, heating up to 105 degrees and cooling and holding at 2-6 degrees thanks to its new structure. The ability to cook Turkish style sahlep ice cream mix thanks to this heating power.

  • Double compressor in 180 liter model. Ability to operate as a single compressor according to the amount of product.

  • Automatic working time determination according to the desired temperature.

  • Programmable easy-to-use touch screen.

 Conversion CapacityDimensionsEnergy

Hourly Production (max. lt)

Ecomix 6030 – 60 kg42x78x110 cm7,6 kw/380 volt60 lt
Ecomix 12060 -120 kg72x78x110 cm14 kw/380 volt120 lt
Ecomix 18090 – 180 kg70x100x115 cm17 kw/380 volt 180 lt



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