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Our valued customers;

Your opinions are important to us in order to provide better service to you and to provide more accurate solutions to your needs. Therefore, we ask you to give feedback by writing your thoughts, and thank you for taking the time to show us your interest.


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      1. SEVEL I can easily reach the person I am looking for. If I can't find the person I'm looking for, I'm called in the appropriate time.

      2. After-sales services are satisfactory.

      3. Customer visits by SEVEL are sufficient.

      4. The SEVEL website is open and I can easily find the information I am looking for.

      5. Fair work is at a sufficient level.

      6. SEVEL SPARE PARTS can be produced and delivered to the customer.

      7. Delivery is made in accordance with the given deadlines and on time.

      8. Invoices are delivered to us on time and accurately.

      9. SEVEL products are of satisfactory quality.

      10. The products and service prices offered by SEVEL are affordable.

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