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Quality Policy

Hömak Ltd. Şti. , the manufacturer of the Sevel brand, specializes in the production of Ice Cream Displays, Cake Displays and Ice Cream Machines. The quality of the products we manufacture is the key to customer satisfaction and the continuity of our business success.

With the establishment and effective operation of our Quality System, which aims to control every stage of the business process as a whole, the highest level of Customer Satisfaction will be ensured, and again depending on the effectiveness of our Quality System, the costs of poor quality will be reduced, and the production costs will be reduced by reaching the highest level in Quality, Efficiency and Flexibility. In this context, the Principles of our Quality Policy;

  • Ensuring the highest level of Customer Satisfaction,
  • Continuous improvement of product quality, increasing efficiency and reducing costs with the participation of all personnel,
  • Continually conveying the requirements related to the works we have made to our suppliers, in a clear and understandable way, supported by technical data,
  • Continuing the quality improvement works in a systematic and planned manner, with the participation of all personnel, giving priority to meeting the internal and external customer requirements,
  • Organizing continuous training programs for all our employees,
  • Protecting the Environment we work in and using limited resources with optimum efficiency,
  • Doing everything we do right the first time and continuously,
  • Ensuring continuity in Quality Improvement studies.
  • The Quality Policy will be known, understood and implemented by all personnel and will ensure the continuity of our quality.


All Sevel Display Showcases are inspected and inspected from the beginning to the end of production. Sevel has documented its proven quality standards with its certificates. In addition to CE and TUV, Ice Cream Displays have UL – ETL – NSF certificates.

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