R&D and Technology

Sevel aims to create high quality, efficient, durable and long lasting products.

  • Engineering

    Manufactured with a particular refrigeration performance system developed by the Sevel R&D department. The defrost system in Sevel Showcases maintains shorter and more effective defrost for energy saving and to keep the cooling more sustainable. Can reach up to -22° C in an environment with +32° C and 60% humidity. 

  • Isolation

    Each showcase prevents temperature loss by it's uniquely produced polyurethane unibody. The strong isolation can withstand very warm temperature environments and it provides maximum energy efficiency. Prevents steam on front and side glasses in models with double glasses. 

  • Sustainability

    Known for its durable structure, Sevel showcases provides long years of usage. Thanks to the engineering, showcase can preserve the products inside in case of a compressor failure which is very rare. 

  • Customization

    Our unique Mix System can paint the front and side panels of the showcase with more than 150.000 colors and styles including Ral, Pantone and more. Your logo designs can be applied on the front panels of the showcases. You may request for LED illumination on Vision model showcases. 

Sevel at Gelatissimo 2020

Sevel is at Gelatissimo in Stuttgart. Visit to see the latest trends in the world of gelato. Looking forward to see you at Hall 10, Stand 10B72. Stay tuned for more info.

Expo Sweet 2020, Poland

23-26 Expo XXI, Warsaw      Expo Sweet is the largest confectionary and ice cream industry related annual fair in Poland. Expo Sweet’s 11th edition was visited by over 25 000 people from all over Europe. Due to it’s dynamic growth, Expo Swet 2020 is expected to be even better and greater than ever. For the third time Expo Sweet will be held in modern and well-equipped fair venue - Expo XXI, at Pradzynskiego street 12/14, Warsaw.

Sigep 2020

Sevel was at Sigep 2020 Expo in Rimini. Introduced its newest showcase the W90. It was Sevel's 21st. year at Sigep Expo.

New Showroom in Slovakia and SevelEurope

Our new showroom in Slovakia will be open in March. Stay-tuned for more info…

Quality Control

Every SEVEL showcase is subjected to several control and inspection tests in all stages of production. During and after production, in our test rooms, we use an IT system to control and record the frequencies the showcase undergoes in different climate conditions.

These tests are repeated until our engineers are satisfied with the final test results.

Our quality is not only established, but also certificated.

In addition to the CE mark, our gelato / ice cream showcases are ETL listed.

Research and Development

SEVEL showcases are designed by top-quality creative engineers and designers who are focused on achieving extremely high quality standards. Tüm Sevel Teşhir Vitrinleri üretimin başlangıcından bitişine kadar kontrol ve denetimden geçmektedir. Sevel kanıtlanmış kalite standartlarını, sahip olduğu sertifikaları ile belgelemiştir. CE ve TUV’e ek olarak Dondurma Teşhir Vitrinleri ETL-NSF sertifikalarına sahiptir.

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