Smyrna Long

Part of the Smyrna line, the Smyrna Long holds 30 different flavors in one showcase. Built in one Semi-Hermetic and one Hermetic kompressor. Thanks to its ulta strong cooling performance and state of the art isolation, the ice-cream is still fresh on the 5th day( tested and confirmed). Comes with heated double front glass. Available in 5 lt. pans of 30 or 7 lt. pans of 24 flavors. You can choose stainless steel pans in any or transparent pans only in Vision models. Comes with heated glass and fixed legs, wheels, or lockable wheels on your choice. It is convertible to gelato, hard ice-cream, sticks, pastry, chocolate and waffle showcase.


Manufactured with a particular refrigeration performance system developed by the Sevel R&D department. The defrost system in Sevel Showcases maintains shorter and more effective defrost for energy saving and to keep the cooling more sustainable. Can reach up to -22° C in an environment with +32° C and 60% humidity. 


Each showcase prevents temperature loss by it's uniquely produced polyurethane unibody. The strong isolation can withstand very warm temperature environments and it provides maximum energy efficiency. Prevents steam on front and side glasses in models with double glasses. 


Known for its durable structure, Sevel showcases provides long years of usage. Thanks to the engineering, showcase can preserve the products inside in case of a compressor failure which is very rare. 


Our unique Mix System can paint the front and side panels of the showcase with more than 150.000 colors and styles including Ral, Pantone and more. Your logo designs can be applied on the front panels of the showcases. You may request for LED illumination on Vision model showcases. 

Smyrna Long Gallery