Karya S

Karya S

  • Fresh elegance meets the fantasy with transparency of the sides, slope of the glass and endless flexibility of the 30 degree curves
  • All heated double pane glass offers resistance to condensation under widest range of temperatures and humidity
  • Available for ice cream/gelato, pastry, waffle and chocolate
  • Hydraulic piston hinge front glass
  • Optional RAL and PANTONE colors

Karya S
Teknik Özellik

  Karya S 45 Gelato  Karya S 45 Pastry
Lenght (mm) - -
Depth (mm) 1185 1185
Height (mm) 1370 1370
Weight (Net kg. - Brut kg.) 346kg-416kg 346kg-416kg
Capacity of Pans 14 x 5 lt / 9 x 7 lt. ---
Power of Compressors 782+700W 780W
Refrigerant R404a R134a
Running Temp. at 35C / 95F
%60 Relative Humidity
-15/-20 C
5/-4 F
+4/+8 C
+39/+46 F
Power Supply 220V/1/50-60Hz 220V/1/50-60Hz
Compressor Type Hermetic Hermetic
Refrigeration System Forced Air Ventilated Forced Air Ventilated
Defrosting Automatic Automatic
Defrosting Type Hot Gas + Resistance Resistance

Karya S


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