Ephesus Pastry

  • EPHESUS is a special Showcase series with narrow side panels which helps this showcase to fit into all limited spaces
  • EPHESUS N is the showcase for your limited spaces with its compact size and reasonable cost
  • Curved, tempered, full heated glass prevents condensation build up
  • Front round glass can be easily opened from top to bottom for easy cleaning
  • Optional RAL and PANTONE colors
  • Four alternative sizes (12P ,16P ,18P ,20P) please check the technical specifications for more details

Ephesus Pastry
Teknik Özellik

Length (mm) 1280 1600 1790 2000
Depth (mm) 950 950 950 950
Height (mm) 1260 1260 1260 1260
Weight(Net kg.-Brut kg.) 192-274 224-314 240-332 270-350
Capacity of Pans - - - -
Power of Compressors 480W 590W 630W 780W
Refrigerant R134a R134a R134a R134a
Running Temp at 35C/95F
%60 Relative Humidit
Power Supply 220/1/50-60Hz 220/1/50-60Hz 220/1/50-60Hz 220/1/50-60Hz
Compressor Type Hermetic Hermetic Hermetic Hermetic
Defrosting Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Defrosting Type Resistance Resistance Resistance Resistance

Ephesus Pastry


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