Sevel is a worldwide known Turkish brand and world-class high-quality ice-cream and pastry showcase designer and producer since 1949. The company consists of one factory located in Izmir(Turkey) and in total of four headquarters located in the cities of Izmir, Istanbul(Turkey), Houston,Texas(USA) and Trnava(Slovakia). Delivers quality engineering products for customers both in Turkey and other parts of the world. Presents the showcases produced from the highest quality semi and finished materials to the world market. Since the first ice-cream machine produced by Sevel in 1949, Sevel products have proven themselves in every stage of technology and become the favorite brand all around the world with its successful line, high quality and performance. Sevel has achieved this success thanks to its experienced engineers, high-quality materials used in production, and utilization of all technological innovations. It always develops its products by paying attention to the demands of its customers and new appreciation values. It is proud to serve its customers with new models, high quality standards, and after sales-services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain our leadership in the domestic market with 70
years of knowledge and technological infrastructure support,
and to increase our market share by maintaining
our strong and reputable image
among world brands in the foreign market.

Sevel, which continues its production in its 12.000m2 factory in İzmir, has achieved this success thanks to experienced engineers, high-quality materials used in production, and utilization of all technological innovations.

Sevel, which is a family company managed by the 3rd generation today, has won the appreciation of its customers with its hard-working and competitive team.

It has an experienced team working to create aesthetic, innovative, and practical solutions in design and R&D where ergonomic use and service are highlighted. Sevel, in constant communication with its customers, attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, service, and repair processes.

Quality Policy

The manufacturer firm of Sevel brand Hömak Co. Ltd. is specialized in the production of Ice-Cream Showcases, Pastry Showcases, and Ice Cream Machines. The quality of our products is the key to customer satisfaction and continuity of our business success.

With the establishment and effective operation of our Quality System, which aims to control every stage of the operation process as a whole, the highest level of Customer Satisfaction will be ensured, and again, depending on the efficiency of our Quality System, production costs will be reduced by reaching the highest level in Quality, Efficiency, and Flexibility. In this context, the principles of our Quality Policy are;

  • Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction,
  • Continuing improvement of Product Quality and increasing efficiency by maintaining Cost Reduction activities with the participation of all personnel,
  • Communicating about the requirements regarding the works we have done for our suppliers in a clear and comprehensible manner, supported by technical data,
  • Performing quality improvement activities in a systematic and planned manner with the participation of all personnel with priority given to meeting domestic and foreign customer requirements,
  • Organizing continuous training programs for all our employees,
  • Protecting the Environment and using limited resources with optimum efficiency,
  • Completing every task correctly in the first time and continuously,
  • Ensuring continuity in Quality Improvement.

Quality Policy shall be recognized, understood, and implemented by all personnel to ensure the continuity of quality.


Onsite Project and Design

The most functional and stylish solutions are offered by the experts in their field according to the dimensions of the application space and product preferences to be exhibited. Alternatives are available in the desired dimensions, angles, and according to the way of presentation allowing you to see the result with three-dimensional images before production.

Research and Development

SEVEL showcases are designed by top-quality creative engineers and designers who are focused on achieving extremely high quality standards.